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Business Analyst

  • Department: Surface Transport & Logistics Consulting
  • Location: New York, US
  • Compensation: 36K per annum
  • Education: Master's Degree

Jameson Consulting is looking for young and inspired professionals to lead our company in the future. We appreciate your commitment and reward it equally. If you want to reach new professional heights and get valuable experience - join our team.


  • On-spot analysis of client’s logistics;
  • In-depth research and analysis of acquired data;
  • Creation of reports and infographics;
  • Great analytical skills;
  • Assisting senior analysts if needed;
  • Data gathering and normalization;


Candidates should be ready for direct contacts with clients, regular business trips and tight cooperation with senior members of the New York department.

  • Minor experience in business analytics welcomed;
  • Providing legal and scholarly research;
  • Supreme communication skills
  • Documentation writing skills
  • Ability to create visual representation of results
  • Advanced knowledge of professional applications